Formulation of functional foods

Functional food formulations play an extremely important role in determining their quality. The best functional foods, perfect value and high quality all possess outstanding formulas, novelty and breakthrough. To build a good functional food formula, what do researchers need to do? The steps to build a functional food formula will be revealed by Life Gift shortly.

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Step 1: Research to initially build the formula

This task will be carried out by experienced experts and highly qualified researchers. They will work in the research room to explore and come up with new formulas with features and advantages that are superior to products already on the market. Thus, their competitiveness is enhanced.

Each functional food factory needs to have its own research room. Moreover, they need to be fully equipped with modern equipment and facilities, and have a full range of modern machines for research and formulation of functional food formulas. Here, preliminary formulas for uses, ingredients, features, ingredients, users, etc. are formed. This initial research phase is seen as the foundation for the next steps.

Step 2: Ingredients are calculated in detail

After the preliminary formulation of the formula, the manufacturer needs to calculate the ingredient composition. First of all, need to see if they are on the state’s banned list or not? At the same time, the content of ingredients in functional foods is also considered, studied and calculated in detail so as not to cause harm to human health. And yet, at this stage, researchers have to experiment many times to come up with the most optimal production method.

Step 3: Find out and make sure it meets the standards of functional foods

Each country will have its own regulations on functional foods. If you want your functional food products to be licensed for production and circulation, the functional food formula needs to be guaranteed in accordance with the regulations of the competent state agency.

In our country, the Department of Food Safety under the Ministry of Health will be the unit to appraise the research results and types of functional foods that the manufacturers report to provide them with standard scientific evidence.

Step 4: Test and evaluate the effectiveness of the product

After formulating functional foods and conducting production according to the correct process, complete products will be obtained. However, this product has not been able to bring to the market to reach users. The research agency also needs to conduct clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness and effects of the product. This also aims to assess the safety of the product for users. If you have not gone through this step, but launching the product into the market, it will be considered a violation of the law.

To develop functional food formulas and produce complete and beneficial products for human health, there are many different stages to go through. Moreover, they are all rigorously tested to ensure quality and safety for users. If you choose products manufactured in reputable and quality places, you will certainly own good products.